Blacksburg, VA – USLGA Region 12 Meet and Greet…..

February 12th, 2016

Drove to Blacksburg today for the US Lavender Association’s Region 12 Meet and Greet.  We stayed at the Inn at Virginia Tech and had 3 great meals with the group.  As newbies we were there to listen and learn.  Man is there a lot of knowledge in the group.  I still can’t wrap my head around everything.  What a wonderful time!  What wonderful people.  We had a great meal on Friday at Famous Anthony’s, Breakfasted at the Inn (great buffet) and lunch at the Beliveau Winery and Inn (a culinary lavender extravaganza).

We made some great friends and hope to be able to contribute to the group at some time in the future.  Thank you all for sharing.


Derek & Allison


Let the fun begin……

Weekend 2 of the clean-up…

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