Weekend 2 of the clean-up…

February 26th, 2016

One of my many failings is that I tend to underestimate the effort it will take to get things done, so my lovely wife suggested that we get some help to clean out these barns.  At the suggestion of a neighbor, we found a gentleman to help us.  This morning we were up early and picked up Alex, our helper, and got to the property early so as to direct the dumpster driver.  No dumpster, no driver…..So we started anyway.

This is one Elephant I do not relish eating....
This is one Elephant I do not relish eating….

  Remember back to a couple of weeks ago?  Well, it was worse!


There was a 2nd floor!  We waded into the melee with determination and zeal. Allison and I sorted and tossed while Alex wheel barrowed things to the pile and later to the dumpster (once it arrived). We found old lumber (in pretty good shape), bottles in all sizes and shapes, jars, jugs, gallons of old oil in Clorox bottles, boxes of pieces and parts, cans filled with all sorts of nails and screws, old mattresses (down filled), quilts, dresses, shoes (lots and lots of shoes), some old tools such as a hoe, an old plane, and a draw knife, pieces and parts to old beds (never a complete one), tires (always there are tires, why?) and so on…IMG_1817There were some really notable things found. A collection of license plates dating back to the 1940s, old workbooks from the local technical school, a 1949 Sears and Roebuck Catalog (with a few pages missing), and old newspapers from the 50s through the early 80s.  What a wonderful look into history.  While I lived through a good bit of that period in history, I never thought about saving any of it for retrospection.

February 2nd, 2016

Scout, our granddaughter

Today we are joined by our granddaughter Scout.  While not only being a tireless worker, she is a seeker of knowledge and a good photographer to boot.  She helped with the sorting and organizing our bits and pieces as thy came out of the barn. She also ferrets out the unusual and puts it aside for us to treasure later.  Today started much as yesterday did, with sorting, tossing, and wheel barrowing being the primary activities.  Everyone pitched in and soon it looked like we were getting things under control.  A helpful machine arrived at mid-morning, the tractor! It has a bucket so the wheel barrowing could stop and we could transport the garbage in the bucket.

Sweeping up towards the end of the day….

   By the end of day 2, we had filled a 20 yard dumpster and could have used another.

Allison sorting through treasures…..

Thanks to my lovely wife Allison who kept us motivated during the day with snacks, lunch , and drinks.  Needless to say, there are more treasures to come as we tackle our third and final building (that we are going to leave standing). We have two structures that are too far gone and can’t be rehabilitated.  We will remove any treasures contained in them and then reduce them to rubble. We need to hurry a little because I do not want it heating up much more before we scare the reptiles from hiding.  Hopefully the Elves will protect us…

Weekend 3’s Project…..

Last of the barns to clean out…..


Blacksburg, VA – USLGA Region 12 Meet and Greet…..

Weekend 3 – The end is in sight…..

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