Weekend 4 & 6 – Getting into the swing of things……

I really do try to write a blog page every time I work at the farm, but I am currently working in another state so it becomes difficult sometimes. We have made progress. First, I got to test my new “Bottom Plow” out and plowed the rows for the Lavender going in next month. Not having used this plow, I needed to adjust some things. My plowing consultant (Doyle Hollifield at East Rutherford Equipment in Ellenboro, NC) says that I am plowing too deep and need to study my manual on draft control on the tractor. I’ve got to turn the soil again next weekend, so I will study my book and hopefully be a better plowman.IMG_0110 We’ve got about 1000 plants to plant in our test plot. It is a little scary because we don’t have water in the meadow yet which will mean bringing water to the plants by truck when needed. I’m trying to get water to the meadow before then, but I don’t think it will happen. There is the cost (the tap fee, and running about 1500 feet of pipe) and then the time. We are also exploring the cost of a well. There is one on the property, but several of the Well companies that I’ve talked to, said they don’t work on old wells. I wish I could pick and choose the work that I wanted…. None the less, we will continue our quest for water with vigor.

We are about to wrap up the design of the Electrical Service with Duke. That will help as we can get electricity to the meadow. We will have underground electrical service so no poles. Sizing the service, locating the pad mounted transformer so that it will be advantageously situated to service multiple buildings, and doing it so that Duke can recover their investment. Once completed, we will then install a temporary power pole so we can bring up our Tag Along Camper. It is 27 feet long. It has AC! That will be helpful as it starts to get warmer in them thar hills……

I got a Tree Puller for the tractor. What a cool tool. Think of a giant set of toothed tweezers ready to pluck Mother Nature’s eyebrows. With a 3000 PSI piston, you can grab on to a 4 inch tree. With a little rocking pull it out roots and all. Nice! I pulled about 100 trees the afternoon I got it. Most were between 1 and 3 inches, but came out really clean.

Talking to some companies about clearing more land. I’m trying to get at least 3 companies to come out and look at it. Certainly by next spring, we’ll need to have our next plot of land cleared for more lavender. I want to get it cleaned up as soon as possible in order to get the soil analyzed and treated. We’re also trying to clear a section of the forest to put in a High Tower Greenhouse. I’ll start working on that as soon as possible after the plowing.

Allison and I were walking in the woods the other day and she pointed out a visitor.  Pretty scary, but he just slithered off into the sunset to eat more critters.





We were walking through the woods when we saw this…..Lots of jars close by so I concluded that this was an abandoned still.


Got to run…….


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