Weekend 3 – The end is in sight…..

With the cleaning of Barn 3 the end will finally be insight for Phase 1 “The Cleaning of the Barns”.  Two 20 Cubic Yard dumpsters later….What a chore!

No surprises that we increased our bottle collection, again! IMG_2197 Some other treasures were an old scale, several old furniture pieces (not the entire piece of furniture) that can be repurposed to other functions (Signs, Poster Frames, this and that). Our friend Alex couldn’t be with us this weekend so it was my granddaughter Scout, my wife Allison, and myself.IMG_2174 Fortunately, we had the bucket on the tractor and were able to move things along very quickly. By lunch time (albeit a late lunch), the majority of the work was completed with just two buckets full of dirt and debris after the noon meal for “the digestion”. Thanks to my daughter Georgia and her boyfriend James for bringing us a luncheon of sub sandwiches, various chips, soft drinks and that most amiable of beverages “Beer”! Unfortunately, the equipment operator (that would be me), could only have 1 just to remove the dust in the back of his throat.

With the final building reasonably clean, we put our tools down, and took a walk through the property. Lots of brambles and stickery things (as my grandson calls them). Our primary purpose being to follow the property line and assess how we would fence the property. With over a mile of property line to fence over various terrains from flat to steep and rocky, we wanted to get a feeling for the difficulty of the task. Enough to say that it is going to be a challenge of the first order. Allison and Scout turned back after a while, but my son and grandson accompanied me to the half way point. We had to return to the barns in order to make it home in time for a dinner engagement. Thanks to my Mom for providing Dinner meals for the field team!


On our sojourn, we found an old outhouse (probably built for the original homestead) and an old still site (as evidenced by the plethora of jars and rotting 55 gallon drums circa late 50s or early 60s). I am going to have to make it a habit to carry several gunny sacks to pick up all of the old jar piles we have run across.

A couple of things of note:

My son Taylor brought a machete to help hack our way through the jungle of thorns. We were grateful for his efforts, however, I heard yesterday, that he is covered in Poison Ivy and required medical attention. We are so sorry…..

  1. We bought a “Bottom Plow” to turn the soil to get it ready for planting. Easter Weekend we will be putting in our Test Fields to test which cultivars work (and survive) in our little part of the country.
We received our plants (786 of them). We plan to plant them in mid April. Possibly we will be putting in some more if we can get them.

Until next time……


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