Another Weekend at the Farm………

One of the things I love about Farming is the challenges it presents.  We are constantly challenged to get this done or that with limited time and financial resources.  Kind of like putting a 1000 piece puzzle together, it takes time and effort to find the right piece and to place it in the right spot.  Sometimes you find a cluster of pieces, put them together only to put them aside until they can fit in at just the right time.  Such is our farm life…….

Our tractor inconveniently broke right at the time we were preparing our beds for planting.  Not to be deterred, I broke out our walk behind tiller to assist in completing the job.  It helped, but what a monumental effort .  I felt as though I had been kicked by a mule (multiple times) by the end of the day.  Yes, it would have been easier to wait until the tractor was repaired, but that didn’t fit into the timeline we had set for ourselves (nor the ones mother nature put upon us) so we had to use what we had at hand in order to prevail.  As I was doing this work, it made me think of the family who owned this property in the past and how hard heir work had been to clear the land, plant, and then harvest it. I felt guilty for feeling sorry for myself and forged ahead.
Lucy and Ethel on the Job
Allison Spreading Soil Amendments
In the middle of this more manual approach, the tractor was returned whole and we were able to use it t complete the task.  The picture to the left shows Allison spreading the soil amendments that we are using.  Primarily double ground plant and wood material which we get from the local mulch guy.  We were also heavily supervised by our canine staff who did their best to show us how it should be done.

We are waiting on the delivery of our Bees. We ordered them months ago, but now wait until the Apiary calls.  Our granddaughter Scout is our Jr. Vice President of Apiary affairs and will be the primary caretaker of these important pollinators.  IMG_0274

Next time I will till the soil once more to totally incorporate the soil amendments.  A sample of each plant is at Clemson to be tested for  Phytophthora (root rot).  If they come back negative, then we will plant.  We had about 1000 plants, but some have succumbed naturally to transportation and transplanting.  Hopefully, we will have at least 900 to plant.  The will become the seed stock.


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