Let the fun begin……

February 5th, 2016

We just came from closing.  While we have been on the property a number of times during the buying process, we were always respectful of the owners and didn’t stray too far off the beaten path (of which there are very few).  Today it is ours and we can go anywhere on the property we want.  So many things to do so we prioritized and decided that the barns had to be first.  A few things of note:


The "Big" Barn Uninhabitable by man, but inhabited by many
The “Big” Barn Uninhabitable by man, but inhabited by many
  1.   There is a lot of junk
    2.  We want to clean the junk out before Mother Nature wakes up her  creatures (particularly the slitherins) and I don’t speak parseltongue.
    3.  We need the space to store some of our stuff in.
We started on the big barn (big is a relative term).  How I wish I was a magician and could twinkle my nose, wave a wand, or snap my fingers and have everything in order just the way we want it to be, but alas, we are mere mortals so this too will be a journey.

We worked pretty much non-stop for the rest of the day, and here is where we ended up.

Front of the barn with all of the "Rejected Detritus"
Front of the barn with all of the “Rejected Detritus”


When we talk about the “Rejected Detritus”, it implies that there was some “Un-rejected” stuff too.  Some bottles, a lovely collection of insulators for electric fencing, a roll of electrical fence wire, and a number of boards (which I will use for repairing the barn). The loft has a lot of hay (old stuff) and the remains of someone’s hay bed.  It’s all going into the compost pile.  I don’t even want to know….

Next we will tackle the “Equipment Barn”.  This one kind of scares me, so we will approach with caution, certainly gloves, and possible hard hats.

This is one Elephant I do not relish eating....
This is one Elephant I do not relish eating….
From the door I can see a large collection of bottles, mostly hip flasks.  This section of the county (maybe even the state) is known as The Dark Corner for its “Moonshining” activities.  Maybe we will find the still.  I’ve seen some barrels back there.  I’ll let you know.  Here is the view from the front door.

Tune in in a couple of weeks.  I’ll be on the road but that won’t stop progress……


Blacksburg, VA – USLGA Region 12 Meet and Greet…..

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