Since we last visited…

Hello –
My apologies, but this has been a very hectic month and a half.  Lots going on with more coming.
We finalized the Barn Drawings and have been working with Arthur Ruttenberg Homes Designers to get them in shape to be reviewed and stamped by a local Engineer.  The next step will be to send the drawings out for bid and then with the bids in hand go to the Bank for financing.  Typically you would go to the bank first, but since this is not your traditional “cost per sq/ft” structure, we’re having to get the bids first then go to the bank.
Also, the timber harvesters have been on site for about a month now. I had no idea how little wood was worth these days.  We are not making very much from the wood, but enough to have Jerry Bruce from Bruce Grading come in and clean an additional acre for us.  At the end of this process we will have 3 acres completely cleared and ready for seeding.
I have figured out how to use my tractor to help with the clean up and get roots and junk with my box blade, so I am in the process cleaning things up and getting them ready to plant, hopefully by next spring, we will have burned off the limbs and made everything ready for planting.  I will have to get a contractor in to do agricultural lime and do some soil amendments myself, but I look forward to the challenge.
We have a hive of bees that is struggling.  We had to re-queen it about a month ago, but I am afraid that we will loose it this winter.  We are making sugar cake to feed both our hives as the weather gets colder.

Ever so slowly we are moving towards our goal of having a functional farm.  Whether it happens on our timetable or God’s timetable……..



Progress is catching……

Let the Season Begin – Good Morning Elf Leaf Farm!

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