Hurry Up, and wait………..

Forgive me, friends, another two weeks has passed since my last missive……


We received our Well Drilling Permit from the S.C. Department of Health & Environmental Control (DHEC).  I sent it on to my Well Contractor who immediately filed for an exemption to use a different lining than that specified by DHEC.  Running that up the flag pole took a few weeks.  Many thanks again to our DHEC Water Engineer Melissa who was extremely helpful in the process.  We’ve got a date for the drilling of the well, the week of the 8th of August 2016.  Miracles do happen.  Of course once the well is drilled, there is still the testing which can take a few days before we can indulge in drinking this life giving elixir.


A quick check on the bees this weekend by my granddaughter (Our VP of Apiary Affairs) confirmed that everyone was OK!.  We have the bees in two locations about 100 feet apart.  Nothing magic, hat’s just the way things ended up.  We have one hive on top of a metal frame, and the other perched on the top of a 55 gallon drum.  So, we have been referring to them as “Frame Bees” and “Barrel Bees”. A little more personal than Hive A and Hive B. The personalities of the two hives is beginning to come through.  The Frame Bees are located where they get the early morning sun, so when I arrive at the farm in the morning, they are up and about and there is a flurry of activity.  The sun doesn’t hit the Barrel Bees until later in the morning, so they sleep in.  We laughingly refer to them as “Camp Sleep A-Lot”. Nonetheless, everyone seems happy and healthy.

Barns, Plans, and Bankers

We have been working with several companies to try and get a set of barn plans.  We plan to have a Wedding Venue/ Meeting Venue on the property.  We need the plans in order to get a “Rough Order of Magnitude” estimate so we know what to go to the bank and ask for.  Several of the companies wanted substantial down payments and a commitment to buy their barn before releasing any drawings.  In their defense, they were more than happy to share un-dimensioned renderings, but one can’t get a firm estimate from them.  When I challenged them on that they said it was company policy because they had had their drawing misused in the past.  Both companies were unwilling to negotiate their policy and it was too risky for us to make that commitment so we decided to go another route.  We found a gentleman who was willing to sell us a set of drawings at a reasonable price for the CAD drawings.  We can then go in and make the modifications we need to finish the barn.  We have received 8 of the 22 drawings promised.  I’ll keep you in the loop as to how this works out.



Progress, Water, and Bees

Progress is catching……

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