Progress is catching……

I’m working in Arkansas, but coming home every other weekend to work on the farm.  In the evenings and early mornings, I manage to make phone calls and line up folks to help while I am away.  In my last missive, I talked about the well permitting process.  Well (no pun intended), the well contractor, Wendell Lee Well Services from Roebuck, SC moved their equipment to the site today.  Hopefully by the time I get home this Thursday night, we will have water.  What does having water mean?  No more hauling water to the site to water plants.  I can install an outdoor shower to clean up before I head home in the evening.
The drillers got started and by the first day had drilled 140 feet through some very difficult rock.  We’ve been in a mild drought pattern so I had not rained in several weeks.  The drillers were shut down by Rain.  Who would have thought…..It rained throughout the week making conditions very wet.IMG_0350[1]
On Friday, they came and completed the well drilling and we hit water at 320 feet.  I had the drillers go an additional 20 feet to increase the storage capacity of the well.  It came in at 10 gals per minute which equates to 600 hundred gallons an hour or 14,400 gallons per day.  I don’t think that we will ever use that much water, but it is gratifying to know that we have that much we can use if necessary.  We have not completed the entire process of certification, but will in the next few months.  In the mean time they will come on Monday the 15th to install the pump and a temporary storage tank so we can at least use the well until we can get it publically certified.IMG_0352[1]
I am looking forward to having the availability of water when we need it.  A case in point…Allison and I went to work at the farm on Saturday and forgot the dog water. It was very hot and I had to go over to my neighbors Bill and Patty’s to get a bucket of water.  While I didn’t have to haul it up hill both ways in the snow, it was a bit of a chore.  After Monday I can turn the faucet (hose pipe for you southerners) on. We can also install a drip system to water the Lavender in the test fields (my next project)
When last I wrote, we were waiting on the final set of plans for the Barn.  We got them and they look great.  I would like to thank my new friend Howard and his designer Mike for getting the plans to me quickly.  Howard runs a company called Barn Factory ( and his Groomsman Barn design was a great starting point for our venue barn.  Kudos to both Howard and Mike for their efforts.
We had a great meeting with our General Contractor this weekend and settled some preliminary design issues.  Allison will have her first meeting (of I am sure many meetings) with the designer to complete the customization of the barn project.  We are excited.  Stay tuned….



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